Recent productions

Fall is usually one of our busier times, and this year is no exception. Here are a few photographs from recent productions.

Mike Forrester about to head into surgery - but not his own. We documented an experimental procedure for a healthcare client.
Inside a perfumery where any scent you can imagine can be formulated.


Filming an interview for a UK client with an Atlanta executive.


Preparing to interview an Atlanta Firefighter.

Forrester Media provides complete production services for our corporate and business clients - from interviews to location filming to fully-edited training and promotional videos. We can live stream your meeting with our camera crews, encoding services and content delivery network. We are Atlanta's full service video (and webcasting) production company.

Why Facebook and social media matter to your business

image from http://s3.amazonaws.com/hires.aviary.com/k/mr6i2hifk4wxt1dp/15031020/ac5a743c-591a-4dbb-b1c8-0603c5aa6320.png

News travels in real time, thanks to social media. If someone sees a breaking news event, a picture is posted within seconds and the world knows it within a minute. In this era of faster is better, impatience often gets the best of us. We want news, we want results, we want something better…now.

I recall reading an article shortly after the launch of Google+ which interviewed a ‘social media expert’ who had already deleted his Facebook account because he knew Google+ was the future of social media. He wanted better...now.  I wonder how that move worked out for him?

More recently, Copyblogger wrote about deleting its Facebook page because it wasn't working for them. The post went on to list all the things wrong with Facebook. They weren't getting the likes or engagements they wanted. It took too much time for such little return and so on.

They defended their position with statistics, comparisons and even a video about Facebook Fraud. Oh, the horrors. But seriously, deleting their page and losing 38,000 likes? That’s crazy.

When a company, especially one birthed by the internet chose to walk away from part of it, I had to comment. As I see it, they made a big mistake. A move that will ultimately cost them clients.

Why? Because they didn't recognize Facebook as a form of marketing. They didn't see the long term benefit to them or their clients. They simply wanted better...now.

When I'm hunting around the website of someone I'm thinking of spending my money with, I like to see what the company is up to. Social media posts give me that information. The posts provide insight to the company. The posts tell me what they’re doing and often can reveal their business culture. They sometimes talk about their clients and how they solved a problem for them. I can learn a lot about a company in just a few minutes by clicking through their website, blog and social media pages.

But here’s the kicker and I'm not alone in this tactic: I seldom like, follow or subscribe to the companies I'm searching. I'm just 'window shopping’ to see if they look like a good fit. For me, social media is an extension of marketing – but much more informative and personal.

I can't imagine how many opportunities to influence potential clients Copyblogger misses every day.

Think of the 38,000 people that did like them. Imagine hearing, basically, 'you aren't important since you don't answer our surveys or 'like' our funny photos, so go away.' Ouch.

While Facebook and the other social media networks aren't perfect, they can - if you choose - provide insight to your company. You can write blog posts, link to videos and demos, post photos and share news for your clients to read. What if one little item you write about captures someone's attention and you land them as a new client? Your largest client. (Trust me on this - it happened to me.)

Don't get me wrong, Facebook - or any social media platform - should not be your primary way of reaching your audience, however, smart use of social media enhances your online presence and can gain clients for your business. 

Your best marketing is likely your website, which provides you complete control of the content and user experience (SEO is another topic entirely), though it's static. Social media offers a chance to interact.

Sorry, but I just can’t understand why any business would kill its Facebook page. If I'm scanning your site and see you don’t have a Facebook page, I feel you're out of touch, antiquated and don't care about informing and engaging with your audience. 

It's easy to fall prey to the belief that our online audience prioritize things exactly as we do. I argue there are just as many who see it differently. You should ensure you're appealing to them as well.

My advice? Stay the course, make corrections and recalculate your bearings when necessary, but don't abandon the ship. It most certainly shouldn't be about demanding your clients engage with you.

In today's competitive marketplace, I’m not about to delete any of my small online audience, let alone 38,000 of them.

- Mike Forrester

Graphics on the move in new reel

While nearly every production we create has some for of graphics, putting motion into graphics adds a dynamic element to further enhance the video.

In the video below, you'll see very complex, layered motion graphics to simple enhancements that take what could have been a static image and added motion to bring it alive. While motion graphics, versus standard, non-motion graphics can add to the budget, it is, in my opinion, money well spent.

We use the talents of several Atlanta-area graphic designers on a per-project basis. Since the scope of work varies, we select the designer with the appropriate skill set and artistic style to match the project.

The result is a wonderful mix of styles and approaches that enhance the production and result in a more engaging video. Take a look at some of recent work:

Forrester Media Motion Graphics Reel from Forrester Media.

Watch our new one-minute Highlight Reel

We've just updated our one-minute Highlight Reel to include all new footage from a few of our productions. Actually almost two dozen productions are included in the video including clips. They include corporate, broadcast, advertising, webcasts, motion graphics and interview clips.

No matter your video needs, from full production services, to camera crews to live or on-demand webcasts, Atlanta's Forrester Media has been serving clients since 1990 and is ready to assist you on your next production. Call us toll-free at 800-201-8102 or visit our website at forrestermedia.com.

Reach your audience with live streaming video

An increasing number of our clients are using live streaming to reach their employees, vendors, clients and yes, even fans. With each passing month, the ease of producing a live streaming event grows easier and more cost effective.

We've produced high-end studio webcasts for Fortune 100 companies and much more budget-conscience webcasts for non-profit organizations. Both events reached viewers around the world who watched on desktops, laptops, tablets and even smart phones.

While online video, most often used on websites or on a video portal such as YouTube, is now commonplace, the use of live streaming is still in its infancy, but growing steadily every year.

ReelSEO Video, a favorite online news resource of mine, published a story on October 1st discussing the popularity of live streaming video and provides an overview of how a business can benefit by utilizing streaming video.

You can read the article here: http://www.reelseo.com/live-streams-gaining-popularity-benefit/


Medical Webcast
Live Streaming Webcast for a Continuing Medical Education client, originating at an Atlanta hotel.


While most of our streaming media events are live, nearly all feature an on-demand option that allows viewers to watch the webcast at their convenience if they missed any portion of the live event.

Forrester Media offers clients a choice in delivery platforms and production options. We can provide just the production portion and connect to your server, or we can provide a turnkey solution that includes distribution to your audience.

As pricing continues to decline, more and more companies are discovering the benefits of live streaming video. Contact us at 800-201-8102 if we can answer your questions about live streaming video webcasts and webinars. You can also visit us at: http://www.forrestermedia.com.