Easing your pain - with video

For years I've told students, interns and associates a lesson I learned a long time ago; people will call you when they have a pain that needs to be treated.

In our case, that 'pain' is a problem that needs solving through the use of video. Maybe it's a training video to help reduce on-the-job injuries or improve efficiency in a call center. Perhaps it's a new product to introduce to a target audience. It could even be as simple as a webcast that delivers an important message to employees in multiple locations. No matter the pain, it's our job to make it go away.

It's a simple premise that can be applied across nearly any business. If you're hungry, you find a restaurant. If your car is dirty, it's a car wash that treats the pain and makes you feel better.

Sometimes it's a bit more complicated. The aspirin hasn't helped, so you call your doctor for a visit. They ask questions, do a check-up and prescribe some medication to help treat the pain.

Mike Forrester setting up a shot
Mike Forrester setting up a shot

It can be the same with a video production. You know you need a solution, but you're not sure of the best approach. That's when we become doctors of sorts. We'll ask questions, diagnose your problem and come up with a recommendation for treatment!

Not that we're doctors...far from it. It's just a good analogy of how we approach projects. Treat the pain by providing a video solution that addresses your needs.

Our experience and capabilities are some of the best in Atlanta. From small start-ups to Fortune 15 companies, we've worked with hundreds of businesses and created solutions that met their needs.

Feeling a pain? Give us a call.

Georgia on my mind

Georgia has amazing locations, from mountains to lakes and ocean beaches. Whenever I'm on an out-of-town shoot, I try to take time to visit the city and see the sights. A recent shoot in Savannah allowed a side trip to nearby Tybee Island.


This small town and it's lighthouse and nearby museum, which is housed in the battery garland of Fort Screven, is worth a visit if you're in the area. When you visit Tybee, be sure to have dinner at A-J's Dockside. It has a laid back atmosphere, great food, music and a sunset view not to be missed.

Graphics on the move in new reel

While nearly every production we create has some for of graphics, putting motion into graphics adds a dynamic element to further enhance the video.

In the video below, you'll see very complex, layered motion graphics to simple enhancements that take what could have been a static image and added motion to bring it alive. While motion graphics, versus standard, non-motion graphics can add to the budget, it is, in my opinion, money well spent.

We use the talents of several Atlanta-area graphic designers on a per-project basis. Since the scope of work varies, we select the designer with the appropriate skill set and artistic style to match the project.

The result is a wonderful mix of styles and approaches that enhance the production and result in a more engaging video. Take a look at some of recent work:

Forrester Media Motion Graphics Reel from Forrester Media.

A look back at Hurricane Katrina

It's been nine years since Hurricane Katrina roared ashore on the Mississippi and Louisiana coastlines. I was covering the hurricane for The Weather Channel when it made landfall. We made our way to downtown Gulfport, MS and stayed there for three days covering aftermath. As soon as I was finished helping The Weather Channel, National Geographic asked me to shoot for them for another week.

By the time I completed that assignment, I knew many of the Emergency Management officials in Gulfport and they offered the chance to ride along with a survey team which would fly from Biloxi to Waveland, MS to look at beach erosion along the coast. I gladly accepted the offer.

The video below is a part of that flight - starting out at Biloxi and ending just past downtown Gulfport. I omitted the audio since the only noise was that of the helicopter rotors. Everyone else was wearing headsets!

Watching this video nine years later bring back a lot of not so good memories of the destruction, loss of life and heart wrenching emotion I witnessed as residents returned to find their homes gone - sometimes wiped clean to the concrete foundation.

After watching the video, please remember that when an evacuation is ordered, there's a reason for it. It's better to be safe than lose your loved ones over the inconvenience the evacuation may cause.

Fortunately, we haven't had a storm like Katrina in the past few years - and here's hoping it stays that way the remainder of this hurricane season.

The changing face of video

In a recent commentary about online video publishing and promotion, Eric Schumacher-Rasmussen, editor of Streaming Media magazine, tried to spell out some of the most important tips in producing compelling online video content. He included practical tips like 'Get to the point' and 'make it snappy' which I agree with and often find myself telling the client. In today's click-away world, you don't have much time to make an impact.

His next point was: 'Production values matter.' Okay, sounds practical. But the following sentence reads 'You don't need to hire a professional videographer or rent out a full production studio, though depending on the nature of your content, you might want to.' So do you or don't you? It depends, I suppose. If you change the oil in your car, do all your own accounting, advertising and public relations, then shooting a video probably isn't much of a challenge. For the rest of us, however, you might want to hire a professional.

In a world where Flip video cameras are in your pocket and a webcam is perched atop your monitor, it's certainly tempting to create your own video. In fact, it's pretty easy. So why bother hiring a professional? The same reason I mentioned above. Just because we can do something, doesn't mean we should. I love tinkering with websites, but that doesn't make me a web designer any more than pumping gas into my car makes me a mechanic. I know what I do well, and for better or worse, know what I don't do well. I'll leave it to the pros to fix my car or website.

In a literal example, we're about to deliver a new video to a client that previously only had Flip-made videos on their website. At first, it was great and they loved their Flip (I love mine, too). But when they watched a video on the website of one of their competitors, their task to us was simple: 'Make ours just like theirs - only better.'

Today it's about the image you project to clients, vendors, associates, friends and family. It's a competitive marketplace. Are you getting ahead or getting left behind? Video can be affordable and deliver a payoff far exceeding the investment. Whether it's your first video or fiftieth, give us a call to learn how we deliver clients a higher definition of video.