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Interviews and more interviews

The new year has kicked off with a bang, or perhaps more appropriately, a question. Lots of questions, in fact. We've been on a run with interviews, asking lots of questions to our guests. Topics have ranged from prescription medicines to the value of a college degree and seemingly everything in between.

On location interview in Austin, TX
On location interview in Austin, TX

We've been using a variety of cameras for these interviews. Some clients have specific requests, others leave it up to us to choose. We pick the camera that best suits the type of work involved and either pull from our in-house gear or we rent from one of the video rental houses in Atlanta.

Filming interviews with the Canon C30
Filming interviews with the Canon C300

Our current in-house selection includes the Canon C-300, Canon 5D Mark III DSLR and the Sony EX-1R. Depending on the project, we can usually use one of our cameras rather then needing to rent gear, saving the client money on the production.

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