Planning your production - Part Three
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Planning your production - Part Four

Planning your production is a four-part series to help you better understand the video production process by breaking down each element involved in producing a video. By understanding the process, it's our hope you'll ultimately benefit from a better video by knowing what's going to happen and when.

Part One of this series can be found at:

In part four of this four part series, we review the editing, also called post production, portion of your production.

Once the video has been shot, the work begins in assembling the many components, including the visuals, graphics, voice-over and music.

Prior to the first editing session, the footage will be logged and a database created for the location of specific shots, called selects, that we will use in the final video.

The selects will then be placed in order on a timeline according to the script. Your footage is a digital file from capture to final delivery.

A first draft of the video will be created to ensure the proper shots are in their proper place within the program, along with the voiceover track. This is done prior to the addition of graphics or music.

The first draft is then posted online on a password-protected page which allows you to share the link with other project stakeholders. Online reviews allow for faster feedback from our clients and help to keep the project on schedule.

Once the basic line-up of shots has been approved, additional footage (b-roll), graphics, voiceover narration and music will be added in subsequent sessions. We typically go through three to four rounds of revisions on each project.

After final approval, your video will be encoded for the web in a variety of possible formats including Windows Media, QuickTime. We also can finalize projects to DVD when requested. We can encode meta-data into your video to aid in search engines finding and offering your video to their search results.


Creating a video can appear to be a challenge, but with our experienced professionals, you’ll find it stress-free and perhaps even fun!

Take the time to communicate with us to ensure we know your vision for the production. At the same time, allow us to make suggestions to improve your vision. Seldom have we ever told a client that ‘the video should be longer.’ We almost always find that the message can be delivered more effectively in a shorter time span.

We’ve been producing videos for broadcasters and corporate America since 1990 and bring a level of expertise to your production that few companies can match.

From concept to completion, we deliver A Higher Definition of Video.

Please call us anytime at 800-201-8102 to discuss your project. We'll be happy to provide a free estimate.


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