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Planning your production - Part Two

Planning your production - Part One

Video is a powerful and effective tool in this age of rapid communication. Gone are the days of loading a VHS tape into a VCR or waiting ages for a file to download. Today, customers, clients and even employees want information quickly and effortlessly.

If you don’t include video as an integral part of your business, you are losing ground to your competition that is reaping the rewards of including video in advertising, communications and marketing.  Online video is more accessible and affordable than ever.

Rapidly changing technology benefits anyone desiring to produce a video —whether it be a training program, marketing or promotional video. For illustrative purposes, we’ll use a corporate video as the production you’re needing to create as we walk you through our production process.

We divide our projects into three segments:

1. Pre-production—this includes the creative and scripting process, decisions on budgeting and the hiring of the company that will create your production.

2. Production—the actual filming of the program. A trouble-free ’shoot’ is achieved through diligent planning during pre-production.

3. Post-production—during this phase the program is edited. Graphics, titles, logos, music and narration are all added. Drafts are provided for review and feedback. Once completed, the video is delivered as web-ready files. DVD's can be produced if 'hard copies' of the project are required.

It's our job to guide you through the production process so you can focus on your day-to-day tasks while we 'do the heavy lifting' in creating the video. It is a collaborative process, and a client that's engaged with us usually ends up with a better product, but it's our goal to make the production a pleasant experience that you'll want to repeat with us.

Over the coming weeks, we'll break down each portion mentioned above in more detail and offer tips and suggestions on how to have a stress-free project.

If you're considering a video for your business, give us a call. We'll be happy to listen to your needs and offer suggestions. We'll also provide a free quote for your project.

Be sure to check back next week for the next part of our blog series, "Planning your production."


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