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On the road again

Every so often, I enjoy looking back at where I've traveled for client projects. It's always surprises me how many cities I've visited, interesting people I've met and projects I've worked on in the past year.

I'm often asked if we film productions outside the Metro Atlanta area. I can answer that question with a definitive 'yes!' In fact, most of our gear lives in hard-side travel cases, so whether we're traveling across town or across the country, it arrives safely and ready for action.

Though we rarely work outside the USA (Hamilton, Bermuda is my only non-US city this year), I have a Passport and more importantly, a TSA Precheck number to skip those pesky security lines.

Forrester Media Travel Map 2014
Each red pin indicates a city we have visited for a shoot in the past year.

I enjoy travel - despite the occasional hiccup encountered some days. You could even say travel is in my blood. In my corporate life, I worked for Amtrak. That job involved a lot of travel - primarily between New York City, Washington, DC and Miami, FL.

It's not quite the same hectic travel schedule today, but early 2014 had me racking up a dozen Delta flights (24 segments) in a four month time frame. I'll mention that Bermuda in February is not a bad destination!

Now that Labor Day 2014 is behind us, travel is once again right around the corner. See you at the airport!