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Brand Experiences connect with fans

As we move deeper into the social media landscape, brands are finding they need to do more than sell products. They need to engage their customers through interactive activities and events in local communities. We regularly cover Brand Experiences at single-day or weekend festivals, races and sporting events.

Coke Zero activation at Michigan Stadium

The client moves a truckload of fun activities, games, challenges and giveaways to a location. Fans and visitors then have the opportunity to connect with the brand, helping build awareness and loyalty.

Build day at PNC Bank booth where we recorded time-lapse of the 5-hour setup

Customers increasingly expect to connect with their favorite brands, either on social media, such as Facebook or Twitter, or through touchpoints including in-person experiences, such as the events we've covered for Coca-Cola, AT&T, Home Depot, PNC Bank and others.

AT&T event at Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum

In today's digital world, companies have found that stepping foot out of the office, and into the world of their consumer helps them not only connect, but better understand what the marketplace wants, needs and expects. Brand experiences allow this interaction, benefitting both the brand and the consumer.

We've covered Brand Experiences in over a dozen cities including Miami, Dallas, Salt Lake City, Seattle, Houston, New Orleans, Indianapolis, Columbus (OH), Tallahassee, Morgantown (WV), Los Angeles, Ann Arbor, Baton Rouge and of course, Atlanta.

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On location with the Sony PMW F3

We enjoy working with the Sony F3, with it's Super 35mm sensor. Our most recent shoot took us to the Atlanta suburb of Snellville, where our client had rented a home through Airbnb. She picked the location based on where our interviewees worked, plus the home offered the proper settings for the medical interviews - and it doubled as her office for two days. We enjoyed the space for our gear!

On location with the Sony F3

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