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May 2013

World Trade Center Spire Lift - Point of View

The GoPro miniature HD camera has revolutionized filmmaking by allowing cameras to be placed where previously no one would dare mount one, usually because of size, weight. Oh, and it would cost a lot to replace if it fell off. The GoPro eliminates all of those worries. That's why we own two of them!

When One World Trade Center was having it's final spire lifted, someone decided mounting a GoPro on the spire would provide an awe-inspiring view. Well, yes it does. It also reinforces my belief that I was not put on this earth to be a steel worker.

Just take a look at the view:

World Trade Center Spire Lift
The view of Lower Manhattan from nearly 1700 feet.
But something in the above picture bothered me. It felt upside-down. The buildings in the bottom of the frame are upside down. That caused an uneasy feeling when watching the video. So, let's see what the image above looks like after I flipped it 180 degrees.
World Trade Center spire lift, inverted image.
The inverted image feels more natural than originally presented.

The image above would have been a preferred view if the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey (PATH) had flipped the image prior to releasing the video to the public, but that wasn't to be. What is a great image could have been a knock-your-socks-off image had they flipped it around. Details matter and fixing the perspective was an important one that was overlooked.

That said, it's still pretty awe-inspiring, so here's the video, all nine minutes of it, as released by PATH:

And just for fun, here's another one of my favorite uses of a GoPro camera:
Nothing like launching a robot into space on your day off.

14 years of service to The Weather Channel

May 5, 2013 marks my 14th year of having The Weather Channel as a client. My first footage aired this date in 1999 when I captured dramatic footage in Midtown Atlanta when a severe storm passed through with lightning, high winds, hail and even capturing the moment when power went out in the area.

From then until now, I don't believe there has been more than a month pass that I haven't had the unique opportunity to film something weather related for one of the most well-known networks on television and the internet.

It's not often a client stays with you for this long, but I'm grateful for the incredible opportunites I've had in the last 14 years covering hurricanes, tornadoes, snow storms, ice storms and hundreds of other assignments. They have included visiting an oil drilling platform in the Gulf of Mexico, riding in the Goodyear blimp, meeting real-life heros from the US Coast Guard and US Reserve forces and everyday heros who answer the call when severe weather strikes.

It's been a memorable 14 years...and counting. Thank you.