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October 2012

Hey St. Jude

We've been fortunate to work with St. Jude Children's Research Hospital the last few years. We're especially pleased they asked us to work on their latest endeavor, 'Hey St. Jude.' Musical artists and celebrities far and wide contributed to the St. Jude version of the classic Beatles 'Hey Jude.'

In Atlanta, St. Jude enlisted the assistance of R&B Artist Musiq Soulchild. We recorded his performance at a local studio and he appears approximately 40 seconds into the video. Take a look:

To learn more about St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, 'Hey St. Jude' and make a donation to this outstanding pediatric treatment and research facility, visit or

On the video production road again

Every once in a while, I like to reflect on the cities I've been fortunate enough to visit during my career. The map is constantly adding new cities, plus repeating many familiar locales. I've never taken the time to pin them on a map, until now.

Here's a look at the cities we've visited in the past year (roughly) for client projects. It's be no means comprehensive, but it includes the larger cities outside Metro Atlanta that we visited for projects.


View Recent Production Locations in a larger map

Not all clients have the budget for travel again, so a couple of the pins represent locations where we hired a local camera crew. This saved the client travel costs and allowed us to work with a local company to film the needed interview or event.

If you need a camera crew, visit our Camera Crew page to learn more about our service, whether it is in Atlanta, or elsewhere in the United States. You can also reach us at 800-201-8102 should you need to have an interview, product, speech, conference or other event recorded.

Happy travels!

Remembering Hurricane Rita and a dog named Rita

It's been just over seven years since I was a cameraman covering the landfall of Hurricane Rita for The Weather Channel. I was working with On-Camera Meteorologist Jim Cantore and his producer, another cameraman and our satellite uplink truck operator. 

We ended up in downtown Houston for the landfall, but shortly after the winds subsided, we drove east to the little town of Orange, Texas. We quickly set up live shots right off Interstate 10 near a restaurant that had nearly been destroyed by the driving winds and heavy rain.

When we are out covering tropical systems, we carry plenty of bottled water and non-perishable food. I've learned that a hot meal is about non-existent after a hurricane blows through a community. There have been numerous times we've shared our supplies with locals who either ask, or look like they need some nourishment. This trip, however, our producer found a local who couldn't ask for herself. You see, she was a chocolate lab puppy.

Injured, hungry and probably scared, this puppy quickly made friends with the crew. Our satellite truck operator agreed to let her come inside so she could rest. After lapping up some water and munching on some human food, she quickly fell asleep. It was obvious she hadn't rested well lately.

When the time came for us to depart Orange, there wasn't a lot of discussion as to the fate of our new-found 'Rita' as we called her. John, the truck op, thought he could find a good home for Rita, As it ends up, she would become an excellent addition to his family. Once home, a veterinarian determined she had a broken hip, likely sustained during the hurricane. Surgery was performed to get Rita back to health.

Now seven years later, John updates me that 'Katie' as she is now known, is 'fat and happy' and still very much a part of his family.

Hurricane Rita - Orange, TX
The Hurricane Rita crew in Orange, TX with puppy Rita being held by our producer.

The Weather Channel posted a small article about Rita on their website shortly after our return. Here's a link:

I can't begin to count how many tropical systems I've covered over the last 13 years, but needless to say, it's in the dozens. I've seen many things I'd like to forget, but this was one occasion that I happily recall.

While your video project may not require us to work in severe weather, we're just as happy to have you as a client. Give us a call at 800-201-8102, or 770-226-9250. Visit our website at to learn more about our services.

Reach your audience with live streaming video

An increasing number of our clients are using live streaming to reach their employees, vendors, clients and yes, even fans. With each passing month, the ease of producing a live streaming event grows easier and more cost effective.

We've produced high-end studio webcasts for Fortune 100 companies and much more budget-conscience webcasts for non-profit organizations. Both events reached viewers around the world who watched on desktops, laptops, tablets and even smart phones.

While online video, most often used on websites or on a video portal such as YouTube, is now commonplace, the use of live streaming is still in its infancy, but growing steadily every year.

ReelSEO Video, a favorite online news resource of mine, published a story on October 1st discussing the popularity of live streaming video and provides an overview of how a business can benefit by utilizing streaming video.

You can read the article here:


Medical Webcast
Live Streaming Webcast for a Continuing Medical Education client, originating at an Atlanta hotel.


While most of our streaming media events are live, nearly all feature an on-demand option that allows viewers to watch the webcast at their convenience if they missed any portion of the live event.

Forrester Media offers clients a choice in delivery platforms and production options. We can provide just the production portion and connect to your server, or we can provide a turnkey solution that includes distribution to your audience.

As pricing continues to decline, more and more companies are discovering the benefits of live streaming video. Contact us at 800-201-8102 if we can answer your questions about live streaming video webcasts and webinars. You can also visit us at: