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September 2012

Car Care, Coaches and a Hurricane named Isaac

August was a busy month. We completed several productions, produced a live webcast from Tulsa, Oklahoma for a nationwide audience and even worked with a Georgia football legend.

One of the projects we completed was for Lexol Leather Care. The video, which will be featured on both their website and YouTube Channel was shot in two locations; a working car-care center and a residence with the on-camera talent using a wireless ear prompter.

We also started production on a weekly web series for the SEC Digital Network, part of SEC Sports. This weekly show is hosted by former University of Georgia Football Coach Vince Dooley and features his commentary on weekly match-ups, results and even a bit of SEC history.

Coach Dooley on set
The show shoots in our studio each week and has three different set arrangements, the primary opening and closing segments shot on the set pictured above. You can watch the show at

We have a long history working with The Weather Channel. Since 1999, we've provided camera crews to cover hurricanes, tornadoes, snowstorms, flooding and just about anything else related to the weather. Last week, we spent a good portion of the week not in Louisiana, but in their studio, which is located about a mile from our office.

During breaking weather events, they often have a live, handheld studio camera providing a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the newsroom which is usually bustling with meteorologists, producers, editors and related production personnel.


Working with The Weather Channel has been a pleasure all these years. Unlike many news organizations, when people see The Weather Channel crew, they actually come over and talk to us, interested in our work and even thanking the on-camera meteorologist for the work they do in trying to keep viewers prepared.

Here's a picture of Mike Forrester on his first hurricane assignment, before the wind and rain arrived:


The photo was taken in Wrightsville Beach, NC in August, 1999 when he was covering Hurricane Dennis with Meteorologist Jim Cantore (behind camera in green shirt). 

You just never know where you may find Forrester Media working, but where ever it is, you can count on experience, quality and service.