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Steaks, Soviet Presidents, Time Lapse Video and more

Working in video production is never a dull moment. One day we're grilling two-inch thick steaks, the next we're working with a former Soviet President. The last 60 days or so have been some of the busiest we've seen in quite some time. While many of these projects are with our regular clients, some are also with new clients that found us through colleagues, search engines and film directories.

Here's a photo recap of some of the projects we've been working on this spring:
Location Webcast
While we often produce webcasts in our Atlanta studio, we can also produce them on location. This live, day-long webcast was viewed by participants in nearly a dozen countries around the globe.

Time-lapse event set-up

Using our Sony PMW EX1R camera, we recorded one frame a second during the five-hour set up of this tent at Atlanta's Dogwood Festival in April. We returned a second day to document the crowds and staff interaction for our client. The XDCam EX format camera records video directly to cards at 1920x1080 pixels, allowing us to work in a completely digital domain.

Grilling with Char-Broil

We provided six weeks of camera, lighting and grip for weekend live shots for Char-Broil that aired on The Weather Channel. Originating from The Weather Channel studios, which is right around the corner from our studio, the live shots featured some great tips on preparing favorite grilled summer dishes.

Live uplink with participants speaking with former Russian President Gorbachev

We provided camera, audio and lighting for a multi-city event which allowed participants to ask questions to former Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev who was speaking in Chicago. Our camera feed was uplinked via satellite to Chicago while a simultaneous return feed provided a live image of the President answering their questions via an interpreter.

While we regularly work on location, our studio has been booked with everything from green screen shoots to live webcasts and product shots. 

Some of our clients might be household names, but an equal number are smaller companies discovering the importance of online video for their websites, trade shows and training events.

I'll continue this post next week with more photos from recent's been a busy spring!