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August 2011

A new solution for video hosting

Until yesterday, if you wanted professional video hosting, odds are you chose one of two popular options. The first was paid hosting, usually through a vendor that charged at least $99 a month, plus possible bandwidth fees. The second option was YouTube or another free hosting site.

I'm pleased to say today you have a third option: Vimeo. Never heard of it? Well, that doesn't surprise me. Prior to August 1st, it was a site primarily intended for content creators, not the business world. They have wisely chosen to embrace business by offering a 'Pro' package that offers just about everything a small business would want for their video hosting. Generous storage and bandwidth come with the Pro package, enough to hold hours of content (50GB) and serve the majority of small businesses (250,000 plays annually = 684xdaily).

For $199 annually, it's a deal that's hard to beat. Add the fact that you don't need to load a player onto your website (just cut and paste a short piece of code that includes the customizable player) and that the service detects the playback device (it plays on everything) so you never disappoint a viewer, makes this an even better deal!

Vimeo Page 
 With each account comes a settings page where you can manage videos, decide on embedding options and view detailed analytics.

There's no reason why any small business shouldn't consider Vimeo as an affordable, quality option for video hosting. Of course, you do need a video to host and that's where Forrester Media comes in. We do business videos every day and could produce one for your business for less than you think. Give us a call to learn more about our services and discuss Vimeo as a hosting option for your new video.