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A quest for downtown Atlanta

You may not always think of waterfalls, streams, treehouses or alligators when you think of downtown Atlanta, but the Fernbank Museum of Natural History is out to change that. On Saturday, March 19th, they opened their newest permanent exhibit, NatureQuest. Designed to be a fun, but informative playspace, Thinkwell Productions in Burbank, CA created many of Georgia's natural outdoor environments for kids to explore indoors.

Forrester Media was given the task of capturing images of NatureQuest for a promotional commercial, intended to have the feel of a blockbuster movie trailer. Michael Forrester first met with the Thinkwell team in Burbank to discuss the project. Several weeks later, our Atlanta team gathered at Fernbank on a Saturday morning to spend a day in this beautiful space and get the images needed for the 'trailer.'


We shot the footage on Sony's XDCam EX format, using an EX-3 camera shooting 1080P. All our the shots were slated using an Apple iPad with the MovieSlate app.

Our young actor looking for artifacts 

Young (and some older) actors were available to bring the space to life and have some fun testing out the room. There are literally dozens of hidden animals, adventures and explorations in NatureQuest. 
A big jib move about to begin 

The Libec jib was mounted on our Eagle doorway dolly, which allowed us to manuever the room quickly, since we captured nearly two dozen shots during the production. 

The clubhouse is one of the focal points of NatureQuest 
One of the fascinating things for me was the chance to look at the all the fun adventures that are incorporated into NatureQuest. It's technology-laden, but you don't feel that when you're in the space. It's very organic, intuitive and well, just plain fun.

Here's the trailer. Get your kids, and yourself, ready for an adventure!

NatureQuest is included in your admission to Fernbank. We enjoyed working with Thinkwell and Fernbank on this production. Now it's on to our next adventure!