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I'd like to thank the Academy...

It's not everyday you get a chance to hold an Academy Award. They're usually locked up or in someones house that I don't get to visit...but I recently had a chance to put my hands on one and it took some prying to get them off of it! Okay, just kidding about the prying, but it was a unique opportunity I had while visiting the Walt Disney Studios in Burbank last week.


The Walt Disney Company maintains an official Archive on the Burbank lot and I was fortunate enough to visit with Disney Legend and founder of the Archives, Dave Smith, who just retired after spending 40 years collecting and organizing thousands and thousands of items that are now a part of official Disney history.

A part of that history is the Oscar for Best Documentary in 1958, White Wilderness. It was that Academy Award that I ended up holding for the photograph. I've often watched the Oscars show and more than once I've heard winners say something to the effect of 'wow, it's heavy.' They're right. At 8.5 pounds (and 13 inches tall), it is surprisingly heavy, but I suppose the top award in Hollywood should be.

It was a fascinating visit to a company known for it's legacy of creativity, innovation and family entertainment.