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Don't let the bedbugs bite!

Bedbugs are big news...and a big problem for hotels and cruise ships. They're an even bigger problem if you're unlucky enough to bring them home with you from your trip! It's a costly extermination for you and bad press for the hotel chain.

Fortunately there are pest control professionals that are ready to tackle the problems of bedbugs and one that has developed a specialized approach in the identification of a possible infestation. Catchmaster realized the need for a video to help promote their product, BDS, the Bedbug Detection System and turned to us to produce the project.

Our After Effects artist, Kris Merkel, worked tirelessly to create a unique video unlike any other in the pest control industry. The video is primarily an After Effects project with video clips inserted throughout.


Hopefully you'll never experience the problems bedbugs present, but if you do, Catchmaster is ready to help!