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YouTube Search Accounts for Nearly 28% of All Google Searches

If there was ever any doubt as to the growing popularity to online video, the latest comScore report shows that now, more than ever, video results are being included in Google searches. What does that mean to a business? Exposure. Youtube-search

Known as blended search results, Google and other search engines are increasingly including videos in their organic, non-paid, results. Relatively few companies have online video and most that do have not distributed the video beyond the walls of their internet site. That's a big mistake.

Having online video puts you at a distinct advantage over your competitor when someone decides to use Google to make a search. Every company that needs customers - and I think that's just about all of us - should have a YouTube page with at least one video posted that has meta-data embedded. If your video was not optimized during the production process, you can manually add keywords during the upload process on YouTube. I would add that even if your video does include meta-data you should still take advantage of adding keywords manually.

In the end, the more places your video is seen on the web, the more likely your phone will ring or customers will walk in your door.

There are few ways better to introduce your business, product or service to potential customers than through a web site. Introducing yourself with a video is one of them.

As for the statistics on the YouTube Searches from comScore, here's another post that includes them: YouTube Search Accounts for Nearly 28% of All Google Searches