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The value of repeat business

I was speaking with someone yesterday and noted that it's a good thing that I'm not a wedding videographer. Think about it. You work hard to market your business, land a job and then you most likely never see that client again. You have to do the entire marketing and sales process for each client each and every time the phone rings. The client actually hopes they never need your services again. At the end of the year, you have a very, very long list of one-time clients.

One of the things I've worked hard to do through the years is to treat each client as if they are long time clients, even if they are first time clients. We've all heard the saying 'it's easier to keep an existing client than find a new one.' That's true. But it's not the 'easy' part that makes it worthwhile.

It's the relationship you form that makes it worthwhile. In this economy, clients are watching every dollar and want to make sure their production is in good, competent hands. They don't want to take chances. So now, more than ever, we are booked with work from repeat clients. Clients we've had for as little as 2 months to as long as 10 years.

Yes, it's nice to be busy. But it's even nicer to be trusted by those you serve.